WE GOT A NEW DOG! 4 Dogs & 3 Kids!!!

Greyson was unexpectedly reunited with his littermate when she needed a new home. She has had a rough couple of months and we decided we wanted to give her a home! She is a real sweet heart and fitting in well already with all the dogs and kids. But…our dogs now officially out number our… Read More »

Ask a Doctor: PTSD & Cannabis

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects nearly 8% of Americans, and it’s notoriously hard to manage. Treatments usually include talk therapy and prescription drugs. But these methods don’t always work, and often times, patients find themselves in therapy for years. However, there’s growing evidence that cannabis can help address this condition by easing insomnia, anxiety and… Read More »

Complex PTSD: Low Self Esteem, Food and the Solar Plexus

CPTSD: Low Self Esteem, Food and the Solar Plexus #cptsd #food #mentalhealth #eatingdisorders Become a supporting member of this vlog. CLICK HERE: https://paypal.me/KarunaHubfortheHeart Karuna shares from deeply personal experience and knowledge: She has completed in-depth studies with the world’s finest meditation masters and spiritual teachers. Her personal experience of healing at emotional, physical and spiritual… Read More »

Donald Trump "Corrects" Veteran with PTSD on Veteran Suicide

Rachel Fredericks, a specialist in aviation operations who lost two friends to suicide, asked the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, how he would stop 20 veterans a day from committing suicide. This is the latest statistics from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Trump, before giving his answer, “corrected” the vet by saying “actually it’s 22.” This… Read More »

Video Of Tekashi 69 Getting kidnapped

The latest in the Tekashi 69 saga! Daniel Hernandez (born May 8, 1996), known professionally as 6ix9ine (pronounced “six-nine”) or Tekashi69, is an American rapper and songwriter. His musical career has been marked by an aggressive style of rapping, while his controversial public persona is characterized by his distinctive rainbow-colored hair, extensive tattoos, public feuds… Read More »