Do You REALLY Know What PTSD Looks Like? And What To Do?

What used to be called “shell shock” or “combat fatigue” is now PTSD. But, PTSD is not always caused by combat. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder results from many different traumatic events. Not everyone who goes through something traumatic develops PTSD. Yet, for those who do, PTSD can debilitate a person for years and even the rest… Read More »

PMC Convoy Goes Horribly Wrong – ArmA 3 – Squadleader PTSD Simulator

3rd Ranger Battalion (3rdRB) Website: Navigate to the “Apply” tab to join the 3rd! Make sure to register and login first. Mod List: This is the first episode of a Red Dawn-esque series in which the content of the missions and the objectives will be semi-follow ups of each other and will have… Read More »

Living with Wolves Saved My Life

Veterans suffering from PTSD now have options other than traditional treatment and medication. It’s called wolf therapy. At Lockwood Animal Rescue Center, these veterans are getting back their nature. SUBSCRIBE: Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: Make our acquaintance on Facebook: Give us a shout on Twitter: Visit our world… Read More »

Cannabis: The PTSD Solution – Official Trailer – Premieres June 27th – Green Flower

PTSD can strike anyone exposed to traumatic or life-threatening events. In a powerful new documentary, premiering exclusively on Amazon June 27th, (National PTSD Awareness Day) Green Flower explores how cannabis has become a game-changing, life-saving solution for patients, especially veterans, who are often denied legal access through the VA. Discover more about the the therapeutic… Read More »

“PTSD is a crock of shit”, official tells veteran trying to claim benefits!

The benefits system is failing armed services veterans with many reporting that their mental health problems are not understood and are not being taken seriously. You can now help my work by donating: My Patreon Page: PayPal donations: Thanks for your support! Source: Youtube

Army Soldier Shares His Experience with PTSD

For some, the battle doesn’t end when they come home. A former U.S. Army slider talks about what it’s like living with Post Traumatic Stress after his deployment to Afghanistan. — Follow Us Online: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Source: Youtube

Kathy Trang – CMBC 2019 Workshop – NEUROSCIENCE IN THE WILD

KATHY TRANG Anthropology, Emory University Coloring perception: neurocognitive predictors of real-time mental health vulnerability among highly traumatized men. Attending to the everyday life-worlds of vulnerable populations has been a key manifest of biocultural anthropology. Ecological momentary assessments and neurocognitive methods play a critical role in illuminating not only the differential resources available to people, but… Read More »

33 Reasons Why I Have PTSD with Narelle Fraser – #11

Narelle Fraser spent 27 years in the police force investigating the most heinous crimes. She dedicated her life to helping victims of horrific sexual and violent crime, exposing herself to death and trauma on a daily basis. But eventually the terrible things she saw began to tear her apart. When she finally sought help, it… Read More »


An explanation of and my management/reactions to my mental health diagnosis’; Dissociative Identity Disorder and Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. SO FUN! Also a switch happens, if you notice. I did not explain because I do not know my parts personally yet. GOOD CONTENT LoL I do not own the rights to this music content or… Read More »

PTSD? Trauma Associated With Police Encounters Is Real; Whites Have No Clue How Stressful It Is

The trauma associated with experiencing police brutality, excessive force or witnessing these heinous acts can be equated to PTSD. The stress associated with it is all too well known for African Americans and Latinos. It is a stress that most white Americans will never have to experience. During Tuesday’s edition of #RolandMartinUnfiltered, Roland and his… Read More »