Most MGTOW Men Suffer PTSD From Dating/Marriage

In today’s episode we discuss how a large majority of Men Who Go Their Own Way due so because of horrific traumatic events in their earlier life from past dating or marriage experiences. Most of us have Post Traumatic Stress from our past marriages with Cluster B exes and unless we address these issues they… Read More »

Anxiety vs Panic Attacks – part 1

Anxiety and panic attacks are clinically separate yet linked. There are several anxiety disorders or anxiety can be part of a separate disorder. A disorder is when something causes significant impairment to every day life and distress. When my anxiety is severe, I am extremely avoidant to the point of not returning to a workplace… Read More »

Firefighter PTSD Song – Lightning / Gerry Gudzio

Firefighter PTSD Song – #Lightning / Gerry Gudzio : Raising awareness about #PTSD amongst our #Firefighters . This song is expressing a #traumatic experience which leaves a #firefighter re-living it everyday… Using ‘lightning’ to symbolize the ‘flashback’, which was the cause of this traumatic event and therefore leading to his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Lightning… Read More »

Anxiety vs Panic Attacks – part 3 – Management

This video is about some of how I manage anxiety and panic attacks (from bipolar disorder, PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder). I use a combination of medication and natural techniques – a few of which I have discussed here. The number one natural technique I use to help calm myself during… Read More »

Prison and PTSD

What’s up everyone! In this video I’m just kind of venting about how 10 years in Prison really took a toll on me and how it’s effected my everyday life.. even after 10 years of being free! With this, you all can see that for some people serving time their sentences continues outside the gates… Read More »

NARM and Therapist Efforting

The NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) is an approach for resolving Complex Trauma (C-PTSD). An under-appreciated component is the role of the therapist in supporting clients in healing trauma. There are many aspects of this but an interesting one is how much effort therapists put forth with their clients. While this efforting is often an expression… Read More »

Why do we develop PTSD? Could PTSD be an evolutionary adaptation?

Post-traumatic stress disorder has been a topic at the forefront of mental health in the past couple decades. But why do we humans develop PTSD – and, in the bigger picture, why do we humans have adverse emotional responses to traumatic events? In this video, I answer those questions and also explain how PTSD could… Read More »