Depression Complex PTSD Response & Q&A

Live Chat & Reading Understanding the responses to our childhood trauma that have not been processed helps us to process it and heal. Society has the idea that the only way to heal is through forgiveness and this is not the absolute truth. Here we will look at managing abandonment depression. This is for educational… Read More »

Harrowing short film on PTSD | What's Wrong With Morris? by Ryan Morris | Short Film | Random Acts

What’s Wrong With Morris? is an honest, intimate portrait of a family suffering in the aftermath of a husband and father who has come back from a war zone. Ryan Morris is an experimental filmmaker who has drawn on his real-life experiences with his father for this short film. Subscribe to Random Acts: #RandomActs… Read More »

The VA Rating Formula for Mental Disorders and Disabilities Like PTSD, Depression, and More

Learn more about the General VA Rating Formula for Mental Disorders here: # video about mental health disorders Mental health diagnoses from the VA include * Schizophrenia * Major Depressive Disorder * Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder * Insomnia * Anxiety The rating formula is broken down like this: 0 – 10: Few if any symptoms… Read More »

Veteran with PTSD describes "soul vision" of dog

Surf Dog Ricochet’s Marine describes what he calls her “soul vision”, where she can see right into his soul. He also discusses her empathy and intuition, and how it’s helped him heal. If you know someone who has PTSD, or someone who has a dog, please share. And, if you’d like to further unleash YOUR… Read More »