Sexual Abuse and It's Effect on Your Relationship

benefits of a healthy sex life. Today, however, I would like to take a look at sexual abuse. Survivors of sexual trauma are at an increased risk of a number of psychological conditions, like depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These can all affect your sex life. It is important to have a… Read More »

Jesus & The Robot – Anti-Depressant Death Sentence

Self Mutilation Camp: Songs To Sing Around The Campfire (2015) Antidepressant Death Sentence ssri’s are antidepressants but really they are a death sentence. the weight of guilt, the burden of regret are tremendous. the world’s far too big, far to big with nowhere to hide. have you heard the one about the guy on ssri’s… Read More »

Bipolar Depression and helpful tips for coping

I’ve suffered from bipolar depression, chronic anxiety, ADD, post traumatic stress disorder, dyslexia and stuttering all of my life since childhood and had to endure special education classes up to the 4th grade. Here I share those issues with you and offer my help and advice for those who endure similar issues in their daily… Read More »

Veterans PTSD Awareness Day Date of Proclamation: Saturday, May 11, 2019 WHEREAS: Renuka Angelique Bajpai, in partnership with, Carmel High School, Mayor’s office, National Guard, US Armed forces and Hoosiers Veterans Association Foundation and, above all, Indiana Veterans, wishes to create recognition and awareness of Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on this… Read More »

PTSD: Troubleshooting from Inside a Broken System

That PTSD has a very real spiritual component. That the only way to troubleshoot a Broken System effectively is to approach it externally, or, to put it another way, to find a way to examine it from either a) an external operating system or b) a partition with enough memory to “dual boot” from that… Read More »

Mending ego states (C-PTSD/DPDR/BPD)

The drama triangle, and how it plays out in everyday social interactions/relationships. There is a range of severity of how we dissociate from the spectrum of dissociation, from depersonalization disorder, to complex ptsd (which may be intertwined) Borderline personality disorder, and dissociative identity disorder. Whats important is to become aware of our ego splits and… Read More »