Differences Of PTSD And Complex PTSD

In addition, it is important to determine the construct validity of complex ptsd as empirically distinct from bpd particularly among those with a trauma history 7 mar 2011 despite intensive efforts by its proponents for two decades, not known yet if will take place in final version dsm 5there an intention differentiate related, spontaneous or… Read More »

Complex Trauma

Are you confused, bewildered by accusations, wondering if the relationship problems are all you, and walking on eggshells? Complex trauma doesn’t leave a physical mark, but hurts like hell, and is very real. Nikki Lancaster of Satya Counseling discusses it here. Source: Youtube


Complex PTSD is a result of childhood trauma causing emotional disregulation, depression and other symptoms of shame and guilt. To resolve these childhood wounds it Every Thursday, live on air Dr. Judy – Thursday at 8pm PST. Source: Youtube

Complex PTSD Smoke Sesh

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Complex Trauma or Complex PTSD | vlog

Just reflecting a little bit on myself and early childhood dynamics. I might just do more vlogs because this actually felt good talking about something I’ve been suppressing for so long. This has been a lifelong journey of healing, but I’m finally starting to see my silver lining… Source: Youtube