Relationships After Trauma: How to Support Your Partner

Trying to navigate relationships after trauma can be a challenge for both partners – and there is little support for those who are on the supporting side. In this video, I discuss principles and ideas on how best to help and support your traumatized or struggling partner while still taking care of yourself. SUPPORT THIS… Read More »

Overcoming Depression: Mental Health, PTSD, substance abuse addiction, failed relationships

This video was hard to do but I felt the need to lead by example. I want to help anyone struggling with their mental health. I hope this video can help encourage someone who is silently suffering Source: Youtube

Toxic Shame From Narcissistic Parents – Toxic Relationships

There is a lot of information available on the internet regarding narcissistic abuse, narcissistic abuse victim syndrome, healing Cptsd due to emotional abuse and overcoming the abuse inflicted by narcissistic parents; however, having someone guide and mentor you on your healing journey can be so helpful. If you feel you can benefit from inviting someone… Read More »

Meditation For Freedom From Toxic, Negative, Dysfunctional Relationships; Become Your Higher Self

This guided meditation and hypnosis to release you from negative, and dysfunctional relationships works on multiple levels to break away from lower, negative energy and to further you on your journey to your higher self. This session uses hypnotherapy, CBT and a new cutting edge therapy technique called BWRT (brain work recursive therapy), proven to… Read More »

MY 2018 | ptsd, new relationships & Topshop

So I thought I would do a chatty video and update you all on how this year has been for me and whats been going on. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me!!! I hope you enjoyed the video, thank you for watching and SUBSCRIBE for weekly content! Lots of love, Han… Read More »

Brain Fog: Depersonalization, Depression, Anxiety After Toxic Relationships

Depersonalization, Depression, Anxiety After Toxic Relationships (Even When You Know Better) – Ever feel like you’re living in a brain fog? After narcissistic relationships and toxic people, we struggle with CPTSD and codependency. We question our mental health. Depersonalization and dissociation lead to a numb, foggy feeling when you’re dealing with narcissistic relationships. One of… Read More »


Hey guys! So I thought for todays MHM it would be a nice idea to bring my boyfriend Sam on to help answer your q’s on how our relationship works with me having BPD! Really hope this helped xxxx BPD/ EUPD/ EDD is a personality disorder. BPD is not a personality defect, but is best… Read More »

Why You Can’t Function Anymore and How to Start Living Again After Toxic Relationships

Why You Can’t Function Anymore and How to Start Living Again After Toxic Relationships – Discover. Understand. Overcome. It’s how smart people change their lives! Subscribe to my channel: *****Closed captioning provided by Athena Moberg and, providing Daily Recovery Support™ to survivors and practitioners through trauma-informed education, resources, and daily calls, led with… Read More »

PTSD / Trauma and Relationships

PTSD / Trauma and Relationships. PTSD and how it effects Relationships – psychological trauma and how it can damage relationships and what to do about it – advice for both sufferers and partners (e.g. husbands and wives) – very useful for anyone married to or the partner/ boyfriend/girlfriend of a PTSD sufferer. With trauma and… Read More »

How does PTSD affect intimate relationships ?

****Scroll down for articles on PTSD**** This video is for anyone who is the partner of someone with Post traumatic stress disorder. It is a video about how your partner’s PTSD can affect you. Self-care is important when anyone is around someone with PTSD all the time. Useful links/articles for support: 22 Ways to Support… Read More »

PTSD and BPD Relationships: Do They Work?

Hi, I’m Leif E. Greenz and for today’s video, I interviewed my boyfriend about loving someone with PTSD and BPD (borderline personality disorder). Follow Forrest on Instagram @shortylaven Follow me on Instagram @leifegreenz I’m so grateful that Forrest was willing to be interviewed about PTSD and BPD relationships. He’s camera shy, but I think he… Read More »