Natural Healing for Depression and PTSD

Healing something as complicated as PTSD or depression with natural treatments requires incredible commitment. Author Chris Lakely shares her personal journey of how it can be done. Inside her book, Six Depression Myths, you will find an in-depth discussion of revolutionary integrative methods for healing one’s mind and body from depression. Source: Youtube

Depression, Suicide, PTSD, Anxiety, Chronic Illness, Silent illness, PAIN

Tonight I’m telling my story or at least part of it! At 7pm EST join my live Instagram feed @coffeewithacanadian for a Q and A a Discussion on Mental Health and to hear some motivational words. Please share this offer. Thank you all for your support. Source: Youtube


This was one of my LIVE periscopes that I did in 2016 but I just wanted it on my YouTube ! FOLLOW ME: Tweets by villassmichelle VILLAS TWINS: Thanks for watching. Love, Michelle (: Source: Youtube

S3E8 Dr. Glen Brooks, MD: What Ketamine Is + How It Helps with PTSD, Depression and Pain

Dr. Glen Brooks explains, based on decades of ketamine research, why post-traumatic stress isn’t a chemical imbalance and really much more of a structural problem. He explains how ketamine can fix the neurons in our mood centers so that we PTSD sufferers can have a normal mood again. Ketamine is a very good drug and… Read More »

Healing With Hemp + CBD Oil + Tinctures + PTSD + Anxiety + Depression -Part 1- 100% LEGAL

Hey everybody ! *Disclaimer* as of right now CBD oil is legal in all 50 states. You can purchase it and use it as a dietary supplement. You SHOULD NOT drive or operate heavy things until you know how it effects you. I am NOT a doctor. Ask your Doctor ! I use NO THC… Read More »

Gorogoa Playthrough Part 2 – The dragon is depression… or maybe PTSD

Ya, so today I got stuck and did some minor editing. I swore I wouldn’t do that for this series, but no one wants to see me talking to myself for 10 minutes while I get unstuck. That being said, I think I figured out the story on this run, either that or I am… Read More »

How Bad Nutrition Affects Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

How Bad Nutrition Affects Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? – Dr. Joel Wallach begins today’s show discussing Depression, PTSD, manic depression and how bad nutrition affects these conditions. Pearls of Wisdom Billy Graff and Dr. Wallach discuss an article in about overeating. Billy and Doc compare the animal world to humans and… Read More »