The Guide to Tackle Anxiety (Anxiety / PTSD Anxiety / Depression / OCD)

Learn to live a happier more enjoyable life free from anxiety. Your Happy Place – Introduction Initially I was second guessing myself whether I was even qualified to write about anxiety after all I am no doctor I have no PHD nor am I a wise monk but then I thought who better to… Read More »

Brown Envelopes #mentalhealth #sickness #anxiety #depression #PTSD #OCD #Suicide

I’ve received a brown letter! But what is it? 😱 Don’t fear the brown envelope. #mentalhealthawareness #anxiety #depression #PTSD #OCD #suicide #stress #anger #mentalhealth #panicattacks #panicdisorder #mindfulness #selfhelp #shame #guilt #grief #resentment #anger #CBT #BDP #DID #MPD #SAD #debt #money #fear Source: Youtube

Breakthrough Treatment for Depression and PTSD

Ketamine Milwaukee is the first medical clinic in Wisconsin dedicated to helping patients defeat depression, PTSD, and even suicidal thinking with IV ketamine treatments. For many of their patients, these treatments have been life-changing. Joining us to discuss the results they are seeing is founder Dr. Kevin Kane and his patient Renee Beaulieu. Contact Ketamine… Read More »

Veteran Recovers from PTSD, memory issues , Depression and Anxiety

This veteran tells his story of recovery from PTSD, memory issues and more through neurofeeback and cold laser therapy at Clear Mind Center of Idaho in Meridian, Idaho with Dr Jon M Harmon. Source: Youtube

DEPRESSION | depression | anxiety | psychology | schizophrenia | bipolar | borderline personality

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Why Does PTSD Cause Depression?

“Why Does PTSD Cause Depression? Watch more videos for more knowledge Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression and … Other consequences of trauma beyond PTSD … Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – causes … PTSD Symptoms And Signs (Post Traumatic Stress … PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Understanding Trauma: How Stress… Read More »

A serious message on depression loneliness an PTSD in descriptio!!!Also asking angel on a V’DAY date

My dog Manny, recently Died from a freak accident I was so upset my dad got me a new puppy I called her angel because the day my dog died I bumped into a old friend from years ago as it goes he had a litter I didn’t want any as i was still so… Read More »

Triggers #anxiety #depression #ocd #ptsd

This is a short video in relation to how I recently dealt with a PTSD trigger, which I learnt from the book “Unlearn Your Pain” by Dr Howard Schubinher. You can either use this script, which I have adapted from the book, or alter it so it works for you 🙏 The script: “I am… Read More »