It's Worth It To Me: A Veteran's Documentary

It’s Worth It To Me is a Veteran’s Documentary about three veterans, in their own words, discussing their problems with PTSD, Military Sexual Harassment, Homelessness, alcohol and drug addiction and how they have found help through the VA. Hosted by former US Army Vietnam Veteran and four time Super Bowl Champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers… Read More »

Documentary: Battle at Home

Statistics suggest that until relatively recently the majority of soldiers in combat never fired their weapons. For most of us it is next to impossible to open fire on someone, so the military goes through great efforts to teach soldiers to become killers and to desensitize them. The products of these efforts are trigger-happy soldiers… Read More »

[DocumentaryFilms-Military and War] Battle at Home

[DocumentaryFilms-Military and War] Battle at Home ======================================================= The reputation of the American soldier is one of valor and bravery, an image that continues to be sold to young patriots in an effort to recruit them into the military. However, the reality of war and its long-term psychological consequences is a world apart from the strapping… Read More »

How Sleep The Brave, 2018 Documentary. Dir. by Andy Wiseman and Xiye Fu. El Toro Media UK.

In How Sleep the Brave? The filmmakers take an unflinching look at Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) within the UK Armed Forces community. The film reveals how many ex-service personnel fail to get the help they desperately need and how, if untreated, the struggle can end with depression, addiction or even suicide. Source: Youtube

Lifelines Documentary Series — Posttraumatic Stress

First Responders are routinely exposed to traumatic events in the course of their duties. In fact, at any given time, one in four First Responders is experiencing Posttraumatic Stress and if left untreated, they are at increased risk for long-term mental and physical health problems. However, with the support and care of family, friends and… Read More »

I’m Gonna be in a Documentary?! Vlogmas Day 4

Regarding the use of the term “crazy person” – I didn’t mean it as a bad thing, but if it upsets anyone I understand and I’m sorry ❤️ I’ve been sensitive about that word in the past but sometimes use it to describe myself in a light-hearted, self-deprecating way Support me on Patreon? Help… Read More »

“See Me” A New Documentary Film on Child Abuse

In an interview with Rodney Arbona for No Excuses Show, Rita Ciolek, writer, director, producer and Marianna Mankowska, animator, graphic artist, and co-producer discuss “See Me” – a new documentary film on child abuse currently in development. The film will explore long-term consequences of child abuse trauma including: mind-split, emotional dissociation, complex post-traumatic stress disorder… Read More »