PTSD, mTBI and LARIAM? Teasing Out the Differences for Treatment!

Watch this short video with Dr. Michael McCrea of the ProHealth Care Neuroscience Center and Research Institute. “The dilemma that the clinician faces is trying to split that hair as to determining whether or not this military person in front of me in clinic has primarily post-traumatic stress disorder, lingering effects of mild traumatic brain… Read More »

A possible new treatment for PTSD

More than three million Canadians are living with the debilitating effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Now, the first patient in Canada has undergone a procedure being studied for this condition at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. For more information on this trial, visit Read more about why Serena is participating in this research:… Read More »

Breakthrough Treatment for Depression and PTSD

Ketamine Milwaukee is the first medical clinic in Wisconsin dedicated to helping patients defeat depression, PTSD, and even suicidal thinking with IV ketamine treatments. For many of their patients, these treatments have been life-changing. Joining us to discuss the results they are seeing is founder Dr. Kevin Kane and his patient Renee Beaulieu. Contact Ketamine… Read More »

APS Approved Treatments For PTSD

There are a range of psychological treatments for adults with PTSD. The two types of treatment that are most effective are called trauma-focused cognitive behaviour therapy (TF-CBT) and eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) Home Source: Youtube

CPTSD: Four Discoveries That Are Revolutionizing Treatment

Now that we know adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can cause neurological changes, the old, mostly psychological approaches to treating CPTSD are making way for newer, brain-based treatments that hold promise for millions of survivors. In this video I talk about four discoveries that transformed our old understanding of the problem. I describe more effective strategies… Read More »

The Counting Method Treatment for PTSD with Frank Ochberg Video

For the full video go to: Leading PTSD expert and therapist, Frank Ochberg, uses a powerful technique for treating PTSD in this actual therapy session. You’ll see Ochberg guide a client through the Counting Method, anchor her through the recollection of a traumatic event, and then discuss and debrief the experience with her. Source:… Read More »