Ken Womack talks the role of physical exercise and PTSD recovery

. . I had a chance to sit down with one of my good mates, Ken Womack, to talk about the role of physical exercise in PTSD recovery. . He and his wife, Linda, have run Womack’s Physical Training and Rehab for over 20 years, and they are legendary in the personal training and bodybuilding… Read More »

Unpacking the DSM: PTSD Edition=Impulsivity & Self Destructive Behaviors

Hi y’all welcome back to my channel. This is a continuation of the Unpacking the DSM series where I’m diving deep into PTSD. In today’s video I talk about impulsivity and self destructive behaviors, so if this is something you struggle with then stay tuned. If you are a survivor of trauma please seek out… Read More »

PTSD and Grounding Techniques

Hi! Some quick ideas to help manage dissociation and PTSD flashbacks! Visit me at my website Don’t forget to subscribe for more tips! This cannot be considered therapy. If you are having suicidal thoughts please contact the National Crisis Hotline at 1-800-273-8255, call your local crisis number, or go to your local emergency room.… Read More »

PTSD from Childhood? Teach Yourself Better Friendship Skills

For people with PTSD from childhood, building close friendships isn’t always easy. You may not have had role models, and strong reactions can get in the way. Luckily friendship is a skill you can learn! The Crappy Childhood Fairy covers ten tips to make better friends by being a better friend. Read more about Childhood… Read More »

Terrarium Piece

In this performance, I wanted to explore some of the more disturbing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. There are times that memories become repetitive that there is no distinction between the beginning and end. Sentences are repetitive and cause me great distress when they begin. While one may be physically present, these moments take me… Read More »


Ryan had his first hilarious “dance dad” moment. The girls got their dresses for their upcoming recital and he made a bit of a mistake…but it was pretty hilarious! ARIANNA’S CHANNEL ∙ RYAN’S CHANNEL ∙ ———————————————————————————– FAQ ⤵︎ WHY DID WE START VLOGGING? Our unexpected viral wedding video pushed us to start posting… Read More »

Unpacking the DSM: PTSD Edition=Introduction

#DSM-V #PTSD #healingfromtrauma Hi y’all welcome back to my channel, this is the first installment of my series within a series, Unpacking the DSM-PTSD edition. Today I read through the official diagnosis of Posttraumatic-Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V). In this video I hope to shed some light on PTSD and… Read More »

Heal Your PTSD, Depression & Anxiety With This Easy, Free Technique: Personal Inventory

When you have a history of trauma, writing fears and resentments can bring far more relief than just talking about them. Writing a personal inventory twice a day brings immediate improvement and long term change. Learn more at Source: Youtube

The Key to Recovery from Childhood PTSD: Learn to Re-Regulate Your Brain

The effects of childhood trauma used to be seen as mostly psychological, but now we know there’s more to the story. In this video I talk about the problem of brain disregulation, and why learning to get “re-regulated” can jumpstart your recovery from Childhood PTSD. Learn more at Source: Youtube