Stalking Gia – PTSD (Music Video)

The Music Video for PTSD – Stalking Gia, the first single off of the PTSD EP – Available Now Spotify : iTunes : Video Directed By Stalking Gia x Bianca Gerasia @TheGlassCamera Source: Youtube

150 Innovators for the Immunics CureTeam — Welcome — People Cure Cancer, Herpes

§ Speak to a volunteer? — 813 672-3419 — Bayard Henry Barnes on Facebook § The CureDrive — — is a NONPROFIT where we DEMONSTRATE and teach CURE of medically incurable diseases on camera. § IMMUNICS is the yoga of self-immunity — it utilizes your everyday intuitive powers and natural knowing combined with a… Read More »

Purchase CBD Hemp Oil 2019 and Benefits

Purchase CBD Hemp Oil 2019 and Benefits, Click Here for a 3 pack big saving: *Calm Advanced+ is currently available to ship throughout the United States and Canada. Hemp is supported by a vast amount of scientific evidence. When people hear about all the benefits of hemp oil, they usually become excited. And for… Read More »

MG12-V1c Miriam Grossman MD “The Whitewashing of Abortion”

Miriam Grossman MD is a board certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist. She writes and speaks internationally and is the author of ‘You’re Teaching My Child WHAT? A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education And How They Harm Your Child’ (2009) and ‘Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Endangers… Read More »

FOT #11 – Paramedic stories, preventing PTSD, how to re-process traumatic experiences with cannabis

This is an exciting episode with my good friend Charlie, who worked with me as a Paramedic and as a 9-1-1 call taker. We share some of our most intense experiences working in emergency services, how we use cannabis for self care to prevent PTSD as first responders, healthy VS unhealthy coping strategies, and more… Read More »

Service and Support Animals!

Hello again! I created this video as a part of my mental health series for an english project, in hopes of creating an informational and informative video. Citations: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD Service Dogs. (n.d.). Retrieved January 14, 2019, from Bennett, J. (2018, May 29). Feeling Depressed? There’s a Dog for That. Retrieved… Read More »

Survivors arrive in Stockton for 30th anniversary of school shooting

Survivors from the Cleveland Elementary School shooting are in Stockton Thursday for the 30th anniversary of the shooting. Thirty years ago, gunman Patrick Purdy walked into the campus and opened fire, killing five children and injuring 30 others. Some of the survivors suffer from post traumatic stress disorder from the incident and are using the… Read More »

George Carlin on Soft Language

Carlin, a stand-up comedian, describes the euphemization of the USA over the past couple decades! For example, he explains how the condition “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” evolved from “Shell Shock”. He also describes many other phrases that have been erased and replaced with euphemisms, such as weather conditions, old people and many more. Source: Youtube