PTSD Doesn’t Discriminate

Regardless of how we as human beings might discriminate, PTSD does not. While I may genuinely care about the circumstances surrounding your PTSD diagnosis, I care not about it with regards to helping you see that there is a very real way out of the darkness…and I’m here to help. To join us, please follow… Read More »

Post Prestige Stress Disorder [Dead By Daylight #9] David King Survivor Gameplay

After prestiging my Claudette, I’m now playing other survivors, such as David King these couple of games of Dead By Daylight. I didn’t do quite well, as I’m experiencing Post Prestige Stress Disorder. Watch it in amazing 4K 60fps, and don’t forget to Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe to support my channel and see more… Read More »

Living with PTSD | UNILAD – Original Documentary

It is estimated that up to 3 in 100 people may develop PTSD at some stage in life. If you’re a sufferer of PTSD it can have a huge impact on your day to day life. In this UNILAD original documentary, we talk to British war veterans and sufferers of this debilitating illness about their… Read More »

Lack of Traumatic Stress Disorder

Tyler Grey explains to Ross Patterson and Bert Kuntz what he believes has been affecting him as a veteran of combat and it is far from what the doctors think. An excellent conversation about the unique situation many vets may be finding themselves in and doctors can’t yet classify. Audio Shows available on iTunes:… Read More »

Freestyle By JayMoney We As Black People Have P.T.S.D. Don’t Forget All Of Us Song

FaceBook: @JerranJayMoneyJones Instagram: @mcjaymoneyhtown Or @JAYMONEY Clothing Line: Source: Youtube

Uddan Kriya V2

People today are drawn to yoga for a range of reasons: to get a toned, lean body, stretch and strengthen muscles, reduce stress and feel relaxed, prevent ageing, enjoy the natural ‘high’ that occurs during and after practice and/or to delve into their spirituality — and there’s no right or wrong reason to begin! All… Read More »

What have You Learned From Cluster B Abuse?

Cluster B abuse is traumatic and it is a journey to recover and heal from. There are incredible silver lining growth opportunities and lessons that people who take this journey discover. – Sessions available for BPD, NPD or ASPD abuse, Codependency recovery, BPD, CPTSD, PTSD, and more. It’s all about being helped, supported and… Read More »

Voice of the Mirror Tragic Stephen Lawrence’s best pal is also a v ictim of horrific race hate

Voice of the Mirror: Tragic Stephen Lawrence’s best pal is also a v.ictim of horrific race-hate a.ttack. Let us never forget that Duwayne Brooks , best friend and main witness to Stephen Lawrence ’s murder, is also a victim of that horrific attack 25 years ago. He deserves sympathy and support after suffering post-traumatic stress… Read More »

PTSD, Depression and Suicide

I think one of the more difficult experiences I have ever had was the death and burial of my best friend almost 13 years ago. The cause of death was suicide. I couldn’t save her and it was hard for me to accept I was helpless to help her at that juncture in my life.… Read More »