THIS GAME GAVE ME PTSD | Baleful EVERYTHING seems to scare me! Baleful is a short horror game that puts the player in an unfamiliar house. You may feel alone in this uncanny home, yet there are traces of someone (or something) else here. ► Game link(s): Leave a comment of what you… Read More »

PTSD Ghost Stories: Healing the Hauntings (Minnesota Ghost Hunting)

Hi, I’m Leif E. Greenz. Today, I’m taking you to Winona, Minnesota to hunt for ghosts and talk about PTSD. ** Become a Patron! ** This is the longest video EVER on my channel and it took a lot more time than usual to piece it together. I hope you enjoy the final result!… Read More »

The Borderline Tells You They’re Bipolar To Excuse Their Histrionics

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When You Were Looking To Replace Your Narcissistic Mother

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What If My Borderline Ex Gets Better?

An often asked question I get. Focusing on this keeps you stuck in cognitive dissonance and pain and/or anger. Focus on yourself and your own healing and recovery. Radically accept what has happened and put and keep your focus on your journey forward. For Sessions Source: Youtube

[Trauma Tips #3] Why everyone can heal, but not everyone will.

Welcome to #3 in this Trauma Tip Series! Thank you for being here. In this video I dive into a common question I get asked, “Irene, can everyone heal?” My answer isn’t always what folks want to hear, but it is the plain truth. So be sure to check what MUST be in place so… Read More »