Service Dog Tasks!

Hey guys! Here are some of Calvins tasks! If you would like to see them in more detail than tell me because i would love to show you! I forgot to add that Calvin does some psychiatric tasks as well like, block, cover, alerting to people to close, and to me crying like you saw… Read More »


Overcoming Past Trauma – CEU 1.5hrs Intro to emdr, the havening technique, neurolinguistic programming Introduction Not Everyone Needs a Short, Powerful Workshop to Discover Very Powerful Tools designed to Overcome Past Trauma, but Most Everyone Can Recall or at least Relate to the Feeling of Being Stuck in some area that they know they could… Read More »

Pokemon |OR/AS| Roulette Free For All: PTSD

As Always more likes = More Roulette Free For Alls Pls understand the suffering of that poor bug. Participants: Shawny: Alister Kael: Tweets by Alister_Kael DatCookieDough Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Twitch: Source: Youtube

12 Surprising Remedies For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

12 Surprising Remedies For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Help us to be better SUBSCRIBE for more videos here: More from Health Area: - - - 12 Surprising Remedies For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder By HEALTH AREA Source: Youtube

Therapist-Guided Meditation Caring For Your Inner Child. *Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD

In carefully constructing a safe,relaxed place for ourselves, we may begin to feel that we can work with comforting, attending to, and unburdening the child we were and that still resides within us. This therapist -guided meditation assists with first finding a comfortable and safe place within, and slowly looking at the needs that we… Read More »