Childhood Cancer Symposium: PTSD and Survivors Guilt

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Speaker: Angelea Panos, Ph.D, Intermountain Health Group, Salt Lake City, UT

Survivor’s guilt, trauma and grief are often immobilizing, trapping us in limbo. This presentation will focus on post-traumatic Stress and survivor’s guilt- what it is and the ways that families can cope and move beyond it. Identifying survivor’s guilt from the parents, survivor and sibling’s perspective is key to learning steps to transform it into something more positive. This session will also discuss how one can heal from trauma and move from victim to healthy survivor.

About the speaker:
Dr. Angie Panos is a clinical psychologist with a specialty in trauma and over 30 years of experience. She has worked with Intermountain Health Care’s Primary Children’s Medical Center and assisted hundreds of families through their journeys in coping with cancer. She was a founding board member for the Make-A-Wish foundation in Utah. Dr. Panos is also known internationally for her work with street children, orphans and war refugees. She is a published author of many scientific journal articles and book chapters on the topic of psychological resiliency and transforming trauma.

About Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s Childhood Cancer Symposium:
The Childhood Cancer Symposium is an educational resource, providing families with the opportunity to learn about issues and topics of treatment and beyond, while meeting other families in a group setting. It is a free event and open to parents, patients and their siblings.

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