Combat PTSD – The Law of Attraction

What brings you Joy? Many of the techniques I am discussing and implemented in my life after the Mind Alignment Process coincide with the Military Resiliency Program. I discuss how easy it is to follow your happy and live a life of Joy. What brings you Joy?

If you are interested in the survey discussed, it is available at:

If you are an active duty military member suffering with Combat Related PTSD, I invite you to join me in ending our suffering. I have paved the way and I will bring us home. Jeff and I are ready and waiting to support each and every one of you. For more details contact me at or you can find me on the global or AKO MAJ Christine L. Kay.

I know PTSD affects more than just our military members. Everyone experiences challenges in life and traumatic events. If you resonate with my videos and are not active duty military I urge you to reach out to my mentors Anne and Catrina (A&C) at the They are certified transformational Life coaches with extensive experience in healing trauma and they too will guide you home.

My life transformed after I found my spiritual teachers Jeff and Shaleia Ayan (J&S). My teachings and spiritual insights are grounded in their work and I am deeply grateful for their love and support on my journey. Jeff and Shaleia are spiritual teachers, and are fulfilling their Divine Soul Purpose by assisting the world into your harmonious Twin Flame Union. You will find no other true Twin Flame Spiritual Teachers on the planet at this time, but through their work at

My spiritual community and I are expanding on the foundation Jeff and Shaleia created. I invite you to discover the spiritual coach that fits your needs amongst the ever expanding spiritual leaders in our community. I have added them as featured channels on my YouTube Channel and as Spiritual Leaders on my website at

If you are interested in my spiritual journey – I have captured my path home step-by-step in my blog at

Helpful Resources for your Path Home:

J&S describe the Mirror Exercise in detail in their book, Finding your Ultimate Lover it. Their book is available on Amazon at:

Catrina shares a great exercise on How to Heal Your Trauma –

Meditations are a great tool to connect with your life source energy. I meditate daily using Anne and Catrinas FREE meditation series. You DO NOT need to be on your twin flame journey to benefit from their work – check it out at:

Jeff and Shaleia’s Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS) is for anyone looking to find their one true love. Join our spiritual community:

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