Day – 122 Seg# 25- PTSD and Bipolar 1 Awareness- Med- Denial -Travis County Correctional Complex-TX

Today is day # 122 Disabled Navy Veteran Timothy Anthony has been Denied his critical Anti-psychotic Medicine at Travis County Correctional Complex-TX.

Yesterday on Twitter Wade Miller who is Senator Ted Cruz’s Political director commented on my post and said he would watch the video. He felt it was important for Veterans to get their Medicine, he is a disabled Marine. But I guess not important in my husband’s case. Again not my department and pass the buck Senator Ted Cruz get off your DUFF and Help the People of Texas. I have been waiting since June 12 for your caseworker Joel to email me a copy of a letter he said your office sent on our behalf. Still waiting…does the letter even exist. Stop making an excuse for a Senator who is on his way out the door.

PTSD and Bipolar 1 are just some of the Severe Mental Illness conditions my husband has. Medication is the cornerstone of treatment and management. Mental Illness is not a Dirty Secret and we must speak out and raise awareness. There should be no Stigma about Mental Illness.

By 2025 it is estimated that 7% of Military personal and 10% of Veterans will have PTSD.

Huge shout out to Texas Democratic Voters for sharing our story and sharing the videos.

The Republicans have really dropped the ball on Veterans Issues and in our story.

We certainly will be backing Thomas Wakely for Governor of TEXAS, the current Governor Greg Abbott is a useless wet noodle.

As always please share our story and videos.

Call Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez and DEMAND that Timothy Anthony get his Crucial Anti-psychotic Medicine at – 512-318-5669

You can contact me at 204-960-4816 or

Cheers for the support, We can make a difference and impact and be the Voice for the Voiceless.

Help is out there, seek it out, it is your Right. Let’s battle this silent killer together.

Not all wounds are visible.

I will continue to be the VOICE FOR THE VOICLESS until my dying breath


There’s hope and help. 855-838-8255

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