Day 2 – The 365 Challenge – Raising awareness of PTSD

I should have uploaded it yesterday but here is my Day 2!

The 365 Challenge, raising awareness of the effects of Post-Traumatic stress disorder in association with The Gym Group and Mind, the mental health charity.

How can you take up the challenge? Well… it’s simple!

The first thing to understand is that unlike any other charity, people are not expected to raise money or nominate anyone to take part. All they need to do is commit to undertake 365 sessions of exercise and get someone to film themselves doing the set for social media!

Each session consists of a number of “reps” (repetitions) that can be anything from sit-ups to press ups or similar to walking 22 paces.

The 365 sessions are split in to 4 sets:

1 – 99 = 22 reps
100 – 199 = 30 reps
200 – 299 = 40 reps
300 – 365 = 50 reps

Get involved now and help combat the stigma of mental health and spread the awareness of conditions like PTSD!

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Source: Youtube