DV Humphrey Talks: Self Publishing Bi-Polar PTSD Domestic Violence Child Abuse Suicide Praying & God

Author D.V. Humphrey Talks: This is My Story – Self Publishing on Amazon KDP – Audible ACX – Bi-Polar – PTSD – Anxiety – Therapy – Not having Social Media for 5+yrs – Domestic Violence – Child Abuse – Suicide – Celebs – Praying & God: She shares her heart & story with the world. This video will leave you with tears, and hopefully compassion.

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Thanks so much for the support & watching. We all have something in us that the world needs. Let’s help each other stand up, raise our voices, and shout to the world that ALL Life & Lives MATTER!! Help someone today not feel alone.

-With Nothing but Love, Mita Valentina – D.V. Humphrey

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