GoHireAVet.com | A Veterans Perspective of using Medical Marijuana for treating PTSD

Our country’s Military Veteran’s who are suffering from PTSD are being prescribed toxic & sometimes fatal drugs by the VA’s doctors. It’s time we allow them to get the treatment of their choice and that choice more & more is the all natural plant known as Cannabis and comes in two forms. Hemp which is rich in CBD (aka Cannabidiol which is non-psychoactive) and minimal THC or Marijuana rich in THC (psychoactive) and low in CBD. Both choices are a much better choice than forcing our Vets struggling with PTSD.

It’s time for the federal government to step up to the plate and allow our Veterans to choose for themselves the treatment they desire! 22 Veterans commit suicide EVERY Day! Enough is ENOUGH! Listen to what one veteran has to say about his choice.

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