How To Heal PTSD? – Episode 3

Positive Talk Episode 2
The podcast that walks you through the THRIVE Model. A clinically based model grounded in positive psychology. This series will help you get over and move beyond the trauma in your past so that you can fully live again. It goes step by step with easy to do exercises created by one of the leading researchers in the field.

David “StarrTouch” Anderson Ph.D (c) takes you through a clinical self-help model that actually works to heal PTSD. This model is taken from the popular book “What Doesn’t Kill Us: A new psychology of post-traumatic growth” by Stephan Joseph, Ph.D. In wake of the Vegas Shooting, this content is being immediately released first here on sound cloud. Further videos will be released here ASAP.

The Sound Cloud Playlist: Full STAGE 1 (Signpost 1)…

Purchase the book I’m using in this series here on amazon.

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