I think I contracted TC PTSD – 2017 01 16 07 54 53 p 1

A hilarious, yet frustrating theme and summary of the session’s events in which I failed to capture half the shocks. While some of it was my fault (being unfocused and not seeing bananas on ramps), everything else, there was just no escape, no breaks; every second in 1st was shot down immediately in the slim chances I managed to get out. Where my mega was shocked out, I was trying to beat the shock spam by touching the button to dodge shock and pressed one millimeter to late, losing my mega. I eventually, repeatedly, gave up that race from then, forward. Rush City, I waited at the start to space myself from THOSE UTTER RAPE DOCTORS but it didn’t work. Fed up in a fit of silent rage, I bodyslammed Sanik merely for chasing me with a TC. THAT’LL TEACH HIM TO GET TCS NEAR ME I GUESS.

Next race, I switched to a bike for 2 extremely relaxed, easy races, bringing the magma back down.

Karts are bad on Wiimmfi in these very mixed environments. I’m a bullshit magnet in them. There’s no end to the TCs and uncontrolled, untargeted item spam, which, as shown, renders catching up impossible. Shocks always follow goldens and, just, ugh.

Rant over.

Source: Youtube