Janeen DeMarte Disagrees That Jodi Arias Had PTSD — Defense Says She Lied But Still Suffered Trauma

The prosecution’s first rebuttal witness, psychologist Janeen DeMarte, disagrees with the defense’s psychologist witness Richard Samuels on his diagnosis that Jodi Arias suffered PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) resulting in memory loss after killing Travis Alexander. Demarte’s argument is that if Jodi lied during the test (saying that 2 intruders killed Travis), then it automatically voids the test because it cannot be based on something that is made up. Jodi’s defense lawyer, Jennifer Willmott, argues that even if Jodi lied about intruders, she would still have suffered trauma since she had just killed someone close to her (and was allegedly in fear for her life before doing so). An argument can be made that Jodi planned to kill Travis, murdered him, and after that it doesn’t matter whether she suffered PTSD or not.

Arizona vs Jodi Arias
Dr. Janeen DeMarte

Source: Youtube