Journal Entry: January 18, 2018

I had this experience the other day and it seemed like the perfect story to kick off the PTS-DDT series. (Post Traumatic Stress Dealt with Dance Therapy)

So I woke up bright (err…kinda) and early and started my day with a 4:30 am hoop sesh (I fiddled with the colors, brightness and all that so you can kind of see what’s going on).

If this video found you, you’re watching for a reason. I officially #challenge you to #flow your heart out this week – #juggle #hoop #poi #spinstaff #dance or whatever your heart desires, just #move and if you happen to record yourself, tag me @enlightenedlabyrinth and use #PTSDDT. Let’s change the world and heal together ❤
💕Huge thanks to @keegan.jpegphone ( for giving me permission to use his amazing music. This is a remix of Onomono’s Sandstorm. It was the second song to come on during my session and nearly made me cry – I knew immediately that it was absolutely perfect for this video.
💕Huge thanks to @labyrinthhoops ( for making this hoop session possible. I have to store my hoops outside and if I was limited to polypro I would have shattered my hoop during this session, but thanks to her #innovative PEX #hoops this was not a problem 💖💖💖
💕Huge thanks to @_spun ( for keeping me warm with this custom #chakra #hoodie for three years and counting😸
💕Special thanks to @vishuddahmusic for the most incredible piece of wearable art that has ever been given to me. Although I am not wearing my seleunleashyourinnergoddessnite wrap in this video, I felt the shoutout was necessary. I will post a close up picture of it when I can 😊 (@freakflahandco to find his wraps on etsy).

Source: Youtube