Let’s play Alice Madness Returns Part 4 – Mad Hatter’s Domain

We ride a teapot and crash into a very steampunky place!

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Alice: Madness Returns is the video game sequel to American McGee’s Alice. There is an animated sequel called Alice: Otherlands, and the third game (a chronological prequel to American McGee’s Alice) called Alice: Asylum is being proposed.
Madness Returns was directed by American McGee and developed by Spicy Horse and published by Electronic Arts on June 14, 2011 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Madness Returns crosses genres such as action-adventure, platforming, and fantasy horror.

A year after Alice Liddell had been released from Rutledge Asylum, she was currently living in Victorian London in the late 1875 under the medical counsel of a psychiatrist, Dr. Angus Bumby. Although deemed sane enough to return to society, the traumatic childhood memories of the deaths of her father, mother, and older sister in a fire continued to haunt her. Alice still had fits of violence and mad ramblings, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, survivor’s guilt, schizophrenia and hallucinations. Wonderland became destroyed and corrupted again until it was shattered and dead to her. With no family or friends, even her imaginary animal friends from Wonderland, Alice became very lonely, but had a simple life at the Houndsditch Home for Wayward Youth where she assists Bumby in caring for the orphans.

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