Mental Health Success Story / Psych Ward, Psychosis, PTSD + Travel Update!

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When I was 18 years old, I told a psychiatrist that I wanted to go to Bali. At the time I was admitted to the psychiatric ward of my local hospital, the doctor’s response was that I would never be able to travel to a country like that. 7 years and many countries later, I finally made it to Bali.

In this video I recap my 3 week trip and chat a bit about my experience in a psych ward 7 years ago.

What I speak of was standard practice for “the safety of patients” in the hospital I was admitted to in British Columbia, Canada in the early months of 2011.
As far as I know this would still be standard practice for patients attempting to refuse medication or otherwise “acting out” in most western hospitals.
Never once was I suicidal or a danger to others, I simply didn’t want to take medication and the state I was in made it difficult for me to understand cause and effect.
When I refused to take medication it always ended up with restraint, injection and seclusion room.
Whatever I was being injected with was supposed to be a sedative.
It never sedated me.
Every time I was injected I would have difficulty knowing if I was awake or asleep, I would have visual and auditory hallucinations which I would react to with crying, screaming, and attempting to escape the locked room I would be put in.
I was hospitalized in these conditions for 3 months.
My mom fought hard to get my transferred to an adolescent psychiatry unit at a different hospital.
Once I was there, I was never locked up and the focus was to reduce the medications I was on, which in hindsight is what caused the “breakdown” in the first place.
I was discharged from the adolescent psychiatry unit after 3 weeks.

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