My Assault (Part2) and the reaction of my loved ones. Developing PTSD with CPTSD

I was assaulted in 2013 in Portland Oregon and I have CPTSD which I have explained in other videos on this channel. This video is an explanation of how the people in my life reacted to my assault when they were informed about it.

Many people have reacted in a variety of different ways to MY assault. I expect no difference of reaction variance on a public forum like this one. Assault on such a public scale as mine was, legitimately offends EVERYONE’S sense of decency – after all, it could happen to anyone. I do understand this sense of ownership that other people can take on themselves when it comes to a topic like public assault.

Please respect the safe place that I am trying to create. I will do my best to report any abuse of this public forum.

Source: Youtube