on the subject of Cal 2 – Trigonometric Integrals and Substitions

“dialogue” stream

disclaimer: The videos I am going live with covers materials from the college courses that I am studying as shown in the title. Basically, instead of calling it “studying” or “doing homework”, I call it a “dialogue stream,” in accordance with the Socratic attitude.

The goal of my videos are to essentially put you to help you relax or even sleep. Feel free to chat with me about these subjects or any subjects for that matter. I personally struggle with SDPTSD (self diagnosed post traumatic stress disorder and SDADD (self diagnosed attention deficit disorder) so I decided to stream my work online as I find it very difficult to look at these subjects for more than 15 minutes, without streaming.

I am a Computer Science major so if you have any basic questions about programming, computer network, or even 3D modeling/animation, and game design, I will gladly help you.

Feel free to visit my discord channel at: https://discord.gg/xJKCn74

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