Post Alien Abduction Syndrome

Post Alien Abduction Syndrome (PAS) is an anxiety disorder that is closely related to Post traumatic Stress Disorder (APA, 1994). It is characterized by the reexperiencing of abduction related memories, fragments, or distortions of those memories and is accompanied by symptoms of increased anxiety and by avoidance of stimuli related to abduction memories or abduction related events. The affected person may experience levels of anxiety that interfere with functioning in personal, occupational, or social areas. Diagnostic Features.

The requisite feature of Post Alien Abduction Syndrome is the development of distinctive symptomatology in relation to the experience of the alien abduction phenomenon which is often ongoing in contrast to Post traumatic Stress Disorder or Acute Stress Disorder (APA, 1994) where the sterner is usually a discrete and time limited occurrence that is not repeated in the individual’s lifetime. PAS in most instances is the result of the sense or memory of being taken away by force or without consent by extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional entities and the associated physically intrusive or invasive procedures by these alleged entities.

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