Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) | Treatment With Binaural Beats Sound

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) | Treatment With Binaural Beats Sound by “SPB – Powerful Brainwaves – Meditation & Healing”.

We have designed this session to help people who is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Anxiety & Depression with Binaural healing frequency.

For Post-Traumatic Stress Treatment
To Reduce Stress
Anxiety Reduction
Depression Treatment
Addiction Treatment
Pain Reduction
Feeling of Well-Being
Mind and Body Balance

Listen daily before sleep between 30-90 days, so your subconscious will hold these new beliefs. After this period of time, listen when needed. Its important to focus each time on one topic and not listen to multi subliminal affirmations in different fields.

If you want to find Inner Peace by reducing anxiety, stress and pain then this Binaural Beats will surely help you to find inner peace. There is power in music, an innate ability to transform states of mind and induce emotions. It is a magical sounds that wash away all tensions of the mind, they are also special sounds meant to induce sleep, and some passionately state they orchestrate dramatic changes in the mind.

How to listen Binaural Beats :
– Find a Place where you are comfortable and is free of distraction.
– Try to free your mind from all your problems and stress.
– Listen the Binaural Beats using Headphones.
– Close your eyes.
– Think about all the good things that you are blessed with.
– Forget all the bad and negative things that happened.
– Trust yourself that you can overcome this phase.
– Be good, Do good and Belive in yourself.

Note : Don’t use Binaural Beats as a replacement of Meditation but listen it while Meditating. Also, don’t listen it while driving.

We ‘SPB – Powerful Brainwaves – Meditation & Healing’ channel has tried our best to provide good and healing music for everybody. Use Headphone for Best result.


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