PTSD and trauma topagraphy: A narrative re-scrip of associated landminds

Trauma triggers of the external world elicit the explosions of parallel landmines within the body and mind. Any associated sound, sight, temperature, expression, food, inner sensation etc. in the environment that resonates with a trauma memory capsule can activate that memory of experienced trauma and associated fears (cortisol related). Once activated, an unresolved trauma response will externally manifest in acting out behavior or cause an internal withdrawal. The goal of this narrative rescripting is to fuse the trauma unsafe response memories associated with a geography (restaurant, park, car, country) to the current safe state associated with the now of that same geography, thus lessening the activilated trauma reaponses of daily life Unconscious and/or conscious aspects of the trauma that are like the intenal landmines associated with the external geography will come to the surface, but without the explosions. The mapping will feel familiar and not catch you off guard. This decreased emotional trauma reaction is due to the fact that when revisiting the geography, “the now” is a safe place overlaid with the memory trauma hub and its associated spokes. Therefore a rewriting of script can be overlaid to the trauma memory and the power of fear removed.

Source: Youtube