PTSD awareness: Research Project

Dear viewers, I am currently a Year 11 student and involved in the SACE Research Project which is compulsory for all SACE candidates. My topic is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and I chose it due to personal reasons. I want to ensure those who are suffering in silence that they are NOT alone, and that we are there for them. This quick clip is the final outcome of all my research, which is a combination of how I feel, and what is being done to help these victims. With my research, I not only want to do something for myself, but I also want to do something for the community, no matter how small the change is. I have created a banner, and it is for free use. Please support PTSD awareness and show them YOU care. Just access this link to download the banner.

Please do comment and tell me what you think.

COPYRIGHT: This is a quick clip I made for my research project Outcome. Most of pictures in the clip belong to the respective owners, and few are extracted from the internet. I have had full permission to all images, and have credited the sources fully in my bibliography. A big thank you to Noriko Quik and Chen Hui Qin who supplied me with wonderful and touching pictures that helped me with this clip. There are images used here that belong to me, therefore I sincerely hope that this clip will not be duplicated without my permission.

DISCLAIMER: The music used belongs to Takeharu Ishimoto, from the Final Fantasy Soundtrack. I do not own it. I just feel that it is a suitable song for my clip. Please treat it as an AMV.

Source: Youtube