PTSD Trauma Basics and 4 steps to heal from a post traumatic stress retriggering with Juniper Clare

Emma Clare Juniper from

Are you Ready to have your life back? Feel safe again?

I am offering a special Healing from Trauma Weekend Online Program to 22 wonderful beings who’ve experienced trauma as part of their awakening journey and are ready for that chapter to be complete.

This is for you if you are experiencing uncomfortable, scary, and exhausting trauma retriggerings and are ready for an effective way to address them when they come up combined with the nurturing support of being understood by yourself and kind beautiful souls transforming their trauma also.

Trust yourself again and enjoy self-respect, self-love, and freedom!

This is a very confidential container so please only register if you’re committed to Sacred Confidentiality for All.

This will be a sacred intimate group experience where we go through a healing journey together – being seen, heard, acknowledged, and supported as you rewrite the story of your trauma, practice the main trauma release techniques, experience breakthroughs, and set-up a pathway for your success.

I am passionate about sharing the tips, teachings, and practices that helped me heal from PTSD – so that YOU can also get your life back.

Take a deep breath – you’re not alone, you’re not crazy, and there’s no shame in having experienced some human trauma – You CAN overcome this, heal, transform in the confident self-trusting self-respecting and self-loving YOU.

It will take practice, and it will be challenging….and it is the most rewarding and freeing journey you will ever experience as you transform into a higher consciousness, master at emotions and healing from trauma – You will become a beacon of hope for everyone in your life and beyond!

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