QT Trauma Release Method – Trauma Tapping – Trauma Healing – Tapping Away PTSD

In this video, Holistic Energy healer & Positive Living Coach Yvette Marie of https://truehealingsource.com demonstrates how to quickly use energy correction through Quantum Techniques method (QT Trauma Release) to relieve the upset of a trauma, from the past, present or perceived future.
This is similar to a trauma tapping code & works quickly and efficiently to release the upset of a trauma.
Ways to use this method include: childhood & adult sexual assault, emotional & physical abuse, bullying, upset of divorce or love loss, grief, military trauma, survivor of war and those in war areas, lifelong trauma of placing a child for adoption, adoptee trauma, abortion trauma, accident or witness of accident or violence, child of divorce, loss of pet, victim of crime, witness or experience, illness, caretaker of loved one, trauma of medical procedure, natural disaster, man-made disaster, terrorism, racism, cheating partner, witnessing something traumatic on tv, loss of job, property & money just to name some..

Source: Youtube