Sensitive material-may trigger those with PTSD~ This 22 is for you! Thank You For Your Service

#22Kill Gulp! im sorry. but its my peace shirt so i felt i kinda had to wear it and at least i have a bra on this time. lol. ya still can’t seeee anythything anyways so stay focussed. or something. whatever. it is what it is. Im 52 doin 22 and you r lucky i dint chose to tag anyone today but dont rest on your lil shrubs n bushes(laurels) having to redo the video i had to do 22 more for ya. so i jsut did 44 could obviously use a film crew, too.. lol. 21 days still left so you aint safe till its ova…an it aint ova… bout as real as im ever gonna get without a full story n background check. lol. sigh. For our Military, Police, First Responders, Coast Guards, Firefighters, Nursesd and Docs and anyone affected by PTSD~for the world… #22PushupsChallenge for 22 days for PTDS Awareness and Suicide prevention in our military. THIS 22 is FOR YOU! Thank you for your service and blessings n prayers for your journeys. you are not alone!. see ya tomorrow for 22 more! maybe il sing a song while im doing them next time instead of crying.. maybe il cry and humm doo your boobs hang low do they wabble to and frow.. can ya tie em in a … not!, lol.. possibilities are fuckin endless, kiddies. hoot. thanks for puttin up with me. wish i didnt leak so much, crying isnt as pretty in real life liek it is on tv.. wait. this is the new tv. yikes. sigh. xxxlisam.o.mlove~

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