Skate 4 Life- People that know me understand why I quad/roller skate 6 days a week-2-3 hours a day-for those who don’t: I am very passionate about skating- BUT I also very successfully use skating- particularly Skatepark skating, to manage and heal PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and C- PTSD /complex PTSD)- as opposed to medication.
My friend and talented videographer, @spiderzenmedia and I recently decided to work together on an artistic collaboration of skate and video/music. What evolved from @spiderzenmedia ‘s passion for video and music and my love of skating is a video piece that I believe is a perfect celebration of life I have not lost to PTSD and the joy I have regained thru skating.
Created by : Spider Zen Media and Design -SZMD
This is Skate 4 Life . I hope you enjoy it. .
LOCATION: Modern Skate Indoor Skatepark, Royal Oak, Michigan

Source: Youtube