SKY PTSD Research Study: First Class | Episode 3

I’ve been asked to be a part of a Research study for PTSD involving a specific type of breathing exercise in Sudarshan Kriya Yoga.

Check out Episode 1 here, if you havent seen it, for context:

Today I went to the first actual yoga class for the research study. They started by explaining the purpose of the class and some underlying ideas around maintaining your health in order to get the best experience from the class. They then went into explanations of different breathing exercises, as well as meditation, and allowed us to give each exercise a try ourselves.
I go into detail about the whole experience, which is why the video is so long, but if you’d just like to hear about how to do the breathing techniques, skip to 19:48
And if you’d just like to hear about the meditation experience, go to 40:58

And please feel free to comment below with any questions or relatable experiences!


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