Tech N9ne-PTSD feat. Akoma- lyrics in description

My life is a mess yes
Something I gotta get off of my chest
Im down and out but never the less
Yall know that Im always giving it my best
Realize that life is test
Gotta pass it gotta make it
Real mutha fucka down to my soul dont mistake!
Iron will aint a mutha fuckn demon in the mutha fuckn world that can break it!!!
God dam it I cant stand it life is harder then granite
Often wonder why the fuck was I put on this planet
I cant manage the damage is unbearable
Never knew life would transform me into something so beastly and so terrible!!
I keep on telling my self that these voices are something normal
The termoil has apparently opened another portal
Blacker then pitch
But now I am back with an itch!
Making this rap game my bitch!
Ready to stack up them chips!
I got what they lacking to spit!
I gasping collapsing my shit!
Now nobody laughs at my shit!
I lash paragraphs with a whip!
add it the math is legit!
Yeah tech I knew you would find me
Grab your mutha fuckn pen and get ready sign me!!!

Source: Youtube