Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | Ebook

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Is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder a physical condition? Why do people behave like they do? Are there treatment options other than simply controlling the symptoms? Is Ptsd limited to combat veterans? As a counselor specializing in Ptsd for over 20 years I began to ask some questions outside of the norm. I began seeing characteristics of Ptsd that were increasingly of a physical nature. I also started seeing those same characteristics in people who lived through severe trauma but were never in the military. In this book I wanted to explain some of what was going on inside of the person living with Ptsd. I wanted to do it in a manner that a person without a degree in psychology could understand. I also wanted to write it in such a manner that challenged those who viewed magnetic stimulation as a hoax to see that there was actual science behind the use of magnets in therapy. I hope this book challenges old thinking and offers new insights. If you or someone you love lives with Ptsd there is hope. Be of good cheer, you are not alone!

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