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NARM on the Addicted Mind Podcast

NARM Therapist and Trainer Brad Kammer featured on the Addicted Mind Podcast. Brad discusses the major changes happening in the field of trauma and the cultural impact of the Trauma-Informed Care movement. Brad highlights the long-term effects of unresolved childhood trauma – including attachment, relational and transgenerational trauma – and how that leads to addiction,… Read More »

Veterans Assisting Veterans

Mike Miles and Ed Chionchio Sr welcome John MacDonald candidate for State Senate 1st Middlesex District in MA. We also have a Syncere Moment with Shanti Syncere Slade. Today’s topics include: • John is on the board of a group called Veterans Assisting Veterans (VAV) • 22 Veterans a day commit suicide with the largest… Read More »

Trauma, Addiction and Misdiagnoses

Misdiagnoses can prevent you from getting the help you need. We often find that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Complex Post-traumatic stress disorder play a large role in the manifestation of an illness. Learn about the relationship between trauma addiction and how misdiagnoses can skew the picture and how this picture can become clearer when the… Read More »

How to come out of a chronic freeze response after repeated stress & trauma || IRENE LYON || Q&A

This is one of the BIGGEST questions I get. How does a person come out of a chronic shutdown and functional freeze stress physiology after they’ve been shutdown and not able to FEEL or process past emotions, memories and sensations effectively, or for many, not at all. This is a common situation when one has… Read More »

SPECT scan pre post Neurofeedback on PTSD

Dr. Siegfried Othmer discusses the results of pre post SPECT imagery after Neurofeedback. The work with veterans is being done in connection with the non-profit homecoming4vets.org. The Neurofeedback was donated by the EEG Institute, and the SPECT scans were donated by Dr. Daniel Amen’s office. Source: Youtube