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Episode 4 In The Army With PTSD – Brian’s Story

In this episode we talk with Brian, an Army combat vet who enlisted at 20 years old and toured in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Brian shares his incredible journey, culminating with his struggles with PTSD, along with the many unsuccessful treatments that left him demoralized, before ultimately finding healing with the RTM Protocol. Source: Youtube

Episode 3 Too Good To Be True? A Counseling Protocol That IS Healing PTSD (ft. Allen Kanerva)

In this episode Allen Kanerva of Inspired Outcomes joins Kari Russo and Jeff McLaughlin to talk about the science and mechanics behind the RTM Protocol (Re-Consolidation Of Traumatic Memories), which is being used to demonstrably heal PTSD. Source: Youtube

Marianne Sheehan on Living with PTSD and Competing in The Titan Games

Air Force veteran Marianne Sheehan gives her experience living with PTSD with a service dog by her side. She also promotes her appearance on NBC’s upcoming event “The Titan Games,” hosted by The Rock. Sheehan was John’s guest on America Talks Live. Watch Newsmax TV on DirecTV 349, Dish 216, U-verse 1220, FiOS 615, or… Read More »

PTSD (Combat/Non Combat/Sexual Harassment)

HIT the LIKE button and Subscribe guys. So there is this stigma that some try to stay away from this diagnosis and others are scared of seeking help. There’s ways to be treated for this diagnosis or if a buddy needs it help them. Whether it is PTSD (Combat or non-combat) or even stateside. Seek… Read More »