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Cyndi Doyle, law enforcement officer wife and licensed professional counselor, talks about what hypervigilance is, the process of it, and the biological effects that it has on our officers and first responders. Please subscribe to the channel and follow me on social media! Facebook: @cyndidoylelpc Instagram: @cyndi_doyle Twitter: @cyndidlpc Source: Youtube

Enraged Skinhead Cop with PTSD holds Child at Gunpoint for Stepping on his Lawn.

Enraged Skinhead Cop with PTSD holds Child at Gunpoint for Stepping on his Lawn. Brave officer looking for an excuse to claim Self Defense while feeding his Urge to Kill Children. Source: Youtube

Bringing PTSD Into the Light with Code 9 Project!

Cyndi Doyle, law enforcement officer’s wife and licensed professional counselor sits down and talks with fellow LEO wife, Debbie Ortiz, from Code 9 Project. Debbie is the co-founder of Code 9, as well as the director and producer of Code 9: Officer Needs Assistance Documentary. Source: Youtube

Mesa Officer Discuss PTSD with ABC 15

More information can be found at the Mesa Police Association’s (MPA) website: www.mesampa.com PTSD is an ever-evolving issue that our police department and our members encounter often. Frankly, its discussion is moderately new amongst the law enforcement profession. The newest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (also known as DSM) is… Read More »

PTSD awareness stunt gone wrong @18:21

Mark Perez US Marine Veteran. To gain attention to Veteran awareness stood at Salute for 30 minutes before almost being hit by a train. All this took place live in Houston, Tx at the iconic “Be Someone” bridge. Mark Perez founder of Bold Motion wants people to know how serious he is for his cause.… Read More »

Fight [Gone Bad] 4 Life – Charity WOD for 1st Responders with PTSD 2017 CrossFit Centurion

Join Crossfit Centurion for the 2nd Annual Fight 4 Life Charity WOD. Come get your work out on while supporting a great cause! Athlete check in will begin at 9am. Opening Ceremonies will start at 10am. All proceeds from this event will be donated directly to the First Responder Support Network (FRSN). Our goal is… Read More »

Durham Police Constable Scott Dargie Nominated for Hero of the Year

February 16th, 2017. Durham Regional Police Constable Scott Dargie is nominated for Hero of the Year through the Police Association of Ontario. Dargie, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, is also a welcome sight with in Downtown Oshawa. Durham Now is your source for timely, local information from across Durham Region. For more information, visit… Read More »

Plain Clothes – A Short Film by Sam Jaeger

Meritage Pictures Presents: Plain Clothes is a short film written and directed by and starring Sam Jaeger (Parenthood, American Sniper). We hope it helps bring more awareness to PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). Struggling to balance his harrowing work with his home life, officer Cole has just finished a long shift when he notices a wanted… Read More »

Interview with Police Officer, Chad Thomas, on the effects of PTSD

In this very personal interview, my dear friend and mentor, Chad Thomas, shares with you the story about what he’s experienced during his 19 years of police work and how it’s changed his life forever. Chad shares his struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how he’s turning a terribly difficult situation into inspiration to… Read More »