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shellshocked [ptsd] .will & hannibal

—- all for one when we fight together —- — — – knock, knock enjoy it —- source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shell_shock song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eASIpbTcnzM hannibal (tv), hannigram, tribute made by MkENNyM —- hannibal, tribute, hannigram, shellshocked, tribute, shell shock, important, dark themes, past, future, present, wwi, fight together Source: Youtube

14 BIGGEST Scientific Possibilities of Our Future

From virtual diseases to cybernetic warfare to wolverine like healing abilities, these are the 14 Biggest Scientific Possibilities of Our Future. One previously unforeseen side effect of Virtual Reality gaming is VR-PTSD or virtual reality post traumatic stress disorder. Gamers who don VR goggles and go into a session of a stressful wartime simulation game… Read More »

Are You Suffering from PTSD?

Whether you have been diagnosed with military or non-military PTSD, you can begin to experience dramatic and quick changes that will give you back the life you want. If you’ve had the symptoms for even a short period of time, then it’s time to find relief now! (Dr. Lewellen is NOT a medical doctor and… Read More »