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Practical Tools for Responding to PTSD and Trauma

Practical Tools for Responding to Trauma & PTSD: Life Saving Lessons for Veterans and Police Officers in Crisis Recommended for CIT, Crisis Negotiators, Peer Support, Chaplains, Human Resources and anyone interested in better responding to veterans and police officers struggling to come home from the impact of trauma. Sign up today at PATC.com Source: Youtube

The Marine Part 2 – John W Wood (Author)

Source: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-uvicr-8e0e4d John W Wood was such a great guest, so we had him back right away. The truth is we did not get to talk about his book, and many other life experiences in the last podcast. So here are some more juicy details. This is another great episode with a very entertaining and… Read More »

58) Dr Michael Murphy: From PTSD to Post Traumatic Growth

Dr. Michael Murphy has spent enough years as a law enforcement office, chief of police, Clark County Coroner, and Director of Forensic Services with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. to know PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in all its shapes and guises. One out of five who suffer from this syndrome due… Read More »

Pasco Sheriff’s Office develops App to help deputies deal with Post Traumatic Stress

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has a new way for deputies to deal with stress from the job. The Post Traumatic Stress app is helping deputies and their families deal with stress and it’s available to the public as well. Source: Youtube

PTSD: Do You Know the 8 Signs?

Do you know of anyone who has been subjected to extreme or repeated trauma, including a history of abuse? Some people struggle significantly in the aftermath of trauma, developing what is known as PTSD. Dr. Tracey McCarthy explains the 8 Major Signs of PTSD, with a caveat for symptoms in children under 6 years of… Read More »

PTSD: The Hidden Toll of Policing

► PTSD: The Hidden Toll of Policing ► PTSD: The Hidden Toll of Policing Witnessing death, violence, and the suffering of innocents on a da… ► Subscribe: ► Photo & Content Source : ========================================= ► NBA Topic Channel dedicated to sharing the latest news around the world. ► Videos can use content-based copyright law contains… Read More »


Cyndi Doyle, law enforcement officer wife and licensed professional counselor, talks about what hypervigilance is, the process of it, and the biological effects that it has on our officers and first responders. Please subscribe to the channel and follow me on social media! Facebook: @cyndidoylelpc Instagram: @cyndi_doyle Twitter: @cyndidlpc Source: Youtube

US inner-city children suffer ‘war zone’ trauma – BBC News

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is well known as an issue for returning soldiers. But it is far more pervasive in US inner cities. For the BBC’s America First? series, Aleem Maqbool is exploring health and social issues where the US, the richest country in the world, does not perform well in international rankings. Please subscribe… Read More »

Bringing PTSD Into the Light with Code 9 Project!

Cyndi Doyle, law enforcement officer’s wife and licensed professional counselor sits down and talks with fellow LEO wife, Debbie Ortiz, from Code 9 Project. Debbie is the co-founder of Code 9, as well as the director and producer of Code 9: Officer Needs Assistance Documentary. Source: Youtube

Mesa Officer Discuss PTSD with ABC 15

More information can be found at the Mesa Police Association’s (MPA) website: www.mesampa.com PTSD is an ever-evolving issue that our police department and our members encounter often. Frankly, its discussion is moderately new amongst the law enforcement profession. The newest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (also known as DSM) is… Read More »

Take a Breath | Calming Police PTSD Support Video

PLEASE READ! I’m begging you if you are struggling, take a breath. Slow down… You may have just awakened from a nightmare… Or a flashback… But take a breath… I care about you and each and every police officer in the world. Yes, you! I’m talking to YOU! I care about your wellbeing and peace… Read More »

Michael McSellers PTSD awareness in Law Enforcement

The Unspoken Crisis in Law Enforcement Called PTSD. About 11 months ago I didn’t know if I would ever wear the uniform again. I had experienced trauma from things I had seen while wearing the uniform. After being away 6 months I strapped on my vest and promised from that day forward I would bring… Read More »