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Cyndi Doyle, law enforcement officer wife and licensed professional counselor, talks about what hypervigilance is, the process of it, and the biological effects that it has on our officers and first responders. Please subscribe to the channel and follow me on social media! Facebook: @cyndidoylelpc Instagram: @cyndi_doyle Twitter: @cyndidlpc Source: Youtube

US inner-city children suffer ‘war zone’ trauma – BBC News

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is well known as an issue for returning soldiers. But it is far more pervasive in US inner cities. For the BBC’s America First? series, Aleem Maqbool is exploring health and social issues where the US, the richest country in the world, does not perform well in international rankings. Please subscribe… Read More »

Bringing PTSD Into the Light with Code 9 Project!

Cyndi Doyle, law enforcement officer’s wife and licensed professional counselor sits down and talks with fellow LEO wife, Debbie Ortiz, from Code 9 Project. Debbie is the co-founder of Code 9, as well as the director and producer of Code 9: Officer Needs Assistance Documentary. Source: Youtube

Mesa Officer Discuss PTSD with ABC 15

More information can be found at the Mesa Police Association’s (MPA) website: www.mesampa.com PTSD is an ever-evolving issue that our police department and our members encounter often. Frankly, its discussion is moderately new amongst the law enforcement profession. The newest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (also known as DSM) is… Read More »

Take a Breath | Calming Police PTSD Support Video

PLEASE READ! I’m begging you if you are struggling, take a breath. Slow down… You may have just awakened from a nightmare… Or a flashback… But take a breath… I care about you and each and every police officer in the world. Yes, you! I’m talking to YOU! I care about your wellbeing and peace… Read More »

Michael McSellers PTSD awareness in Law Enforcement

The Unspoken Crisis in Law Enforcement Called PTSD. About 11 months ago I didn’t know if I would ever wear the uniform again. I had experienced trauma from things I had seen while wearing the uniform. After being away 6 months I strapped on my vest and promised from that day forward I would bring… Read More »

The Silent Battles | PTSD in Law Enforcement Awareness 2017

http://www.badgeoflife.com/ Home tel: 1-800-273-8255 I know this is a somewhat taboo subject for some, but that is exactly why I made this video. This is an extremely important issue and needs to be talked about and solved. We sure can’t change this reality by ignoring it. (Tips, for anyone suffering from PTSD and thoughts about… Read More »

Plain Talk About PTSD & Suicide Seminar

This seminar was recorded live at the Davidson county Sheriff’s Department Training Facility in Nashville. It is intended for free use by public safety professionals and educators – free. All rights are reserved by Serve & Protect. Source: Youtube

Kajabi for Law Enforcement Training, PTSD and Suicide Prevention

http://bit.ly/1hj4Yks Product Creation Consultant and Digital Marketing Strategist Christina.Haftman@gmail.com Hire me to help you create and market your first online course, even if you’ve never done this before and get confused by all the technology! Source: Youtube

#GotYour6Challenge for PTSD Awareness and Wellness

#GotYour6Challenge LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/athousandmiles/a-thousand-miles-new-studio-album?ref=nav_search It is so important to us that our friends understand this is NOT just about music or songs for A Thousand Miles. We are on a mission to raise awareness for PTSD and help make mentoring and healing experiences accessible to our first responders and military. As a band it is ALSO… Read More »

Post Traumatic Stress, Mindfulness & Returning Veterans

Portions of two presentations given at the Post Traumatic Stress & The Returning Veteran Conference: Improving our leadership of veterans employed in public service sponsored by the Hillsboro Police Department July 2009 Source: Youtube

Charlie and PTSD Redemption and Restoration

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) brings about changes in the brain that can lock-in emotional responses that inhibit joy and full participation in our relationships. This is the story of a police detective who participated in the capture and prosecution of Richard Ramirez, known in Los Angeles in 1985 as the “Night Stalker”, a serial killer… Read More »

I am looking for Life Coaches to help us with those suffering from PTSD

I am looking for life coaches. I recently attended some training in Chicago with a woman who has a new technique for treating PTSD. She has some amazing statistics for actually curing it. I know that she has significantly helped me with my own issues with it going back to my law enforcement days of… Read More »