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Correlation b/w Kidney Health/ Disease & PTSD

Kidney Health / disease and PTSD. Cause and Effects. CORTISOL LEVELS ARE (ABNORMALLY) HIGH not levels lower as stated in 1.10 seconds marker. My apologies. Please make sure you read and listen to correction carefully. It makes a difference!! 🙂 Source: Youtube

David Steven Bell 51, Now Suffers From Traumatic Brain Injury And Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Listening To The Family/Community I Finally Put Together A Patreon Page. Thank You Guys For The Info And Continually Pushing Me Day In And Day Out. You Guys Are The Reason I Do What I Do. https://www.patreon.com/SEIJI_HITO And Be Sure To Check Out The New Petreon Page!!! Just Got It Up And Running! More Stuff… Read More »

PTSD and Grounding Techniques

Hi! Some quick ideas to help manage dissociation and PTSD flashbacks! Visit me at my website https://theupswing2.com Don’t forget to subscribe for more tips! This cannot be considered therapy. If you are having suicidal thoughts please contact the National Crisis Hotline at 1-800-273-8255, call your local crisis number, or go to your local emergency room.… Read More »

Cannabis Industries Wales – John Calcagni, MPH “From Cali to Cardiff” PTSD Medical Cannabis

A recent transplant from California to Cardiff allows us to have an insight about how safer access to medical cannabis can improve patients quality of life. John’s story is incredible and he tells it in a very understandable way that shows this is something that is in the reach of Wales and the rest of… Read More »

Your Mental Health Update: A Week in Review | 1/14/2019 | MedCircle News

To receive PERSONALIZED MedCircle News right to your inbox each week, click here: http://bit.ly/2HgnXBU Read the original articles & full video transcriptions here: http://bit.ly/2H917wa Welcome to YOUR mental health update. This Week in Mental Health News: ADHD – There are everyday toxins in your home that could cause attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children. Here’s what you… Read More »


www.adfischer.com -Seizure Warning- Flashing Lights Best Viewed on Large Screens and not mobile devices. Words may be illegible on mobile devices. Coming June 2019 PTSD EXPOSED is the debut novel of A. D. Fischer that will change the lives of countless families with PTSD and all others interested by giving readers an inside look about… Read More »

Living with PTSD | The Fire Fighters Charity

Thousands of firefighters like Mark receive the support of the Fire Fighters Charity every year. That support ranges from general guidance to bespoke physiotherapy and psychological treatment at residential centres. What these disparate interventions have in common is their reliance on the public’s generosity. The Telegraph is supporting The Fire Fighters Charity as part of… Read More »


Today we are going into the jaws of parenting HELL! With PTSD. But, I’m going to show you, and bring you back; armed and ready for your next battle with PTSD. Much love and respect! Thanks for the support, eh! See you tomorrow for TATTOO TUESDAY! 1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6sZFq2K363A 2. 7 CUPS OF TEA – https://www.7cups.com… Read More »

[LIFE] Music And Mental Health. Balancing PTSD and your Passion.

Facebook stream talking about my experience dealing with PTSD and pursuing a career in music. I do touch on depression as well and there are a few points I need to clear up in another video but I hope this video makes sense anyway. Feel free to share tour thoughts and feedback in the comments… Read More »

Cptsd: How to work with Trust, Triggers & Time

Grab a cuppa, notepaper and pen, as we take a look at the importance of Trust, Triggers and Time in our recovery journey. More Information :https://lindameredith.org/ Fb Recovery Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/complextptsd/ Gentle Exercises:The video for exercise 1 action, 1 minute a day: Triggers, Trust and Teaching Myself to Slow Down! Grab a cuppa, notepaper and… Read More »

Behavioral Therapy: Trauma Interventions and Coping skills for Adults You Must Learn!

Behavioral Therapy: Trauma Interventions and Coping skills for Adults When we go through trauma we are automatically at risk in developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and or acute anxiety to the point that it is debilitating for us. While working in the mental health field I have accumulated my top interventions and coping skills that… Read More »

Veteran Suicide Mental Health Discussion

This is a Video that needed to be done, in this video, we talk about the very serious mental health issues that veterans face. the veteran suicide rate has gone up, and veteran suicide awareness and suicide prevention have become a taking point we can no longer avoid. We tackle this mental health discussion from… Read More »