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7 Tips to Stop Hypervigilence from PTSD

Hypervigilance is extreme or excessive vigilance : the state of being highly or abnormally alert to potential danger or threat. This can be caused by PTSD, anxiety or even paranoia (associated with another mental illness). It can cause us to be extremely sensitive to our surroundings, and even perceive dangers that are not real (ie.… Read More »

Airing Pain 82: Pain, PTSD and Perfume

The emotional and physical impacts of injury and how to cope with them. This edition is supported by Forces in Mind Trust and the MacRobert Trust. In the third instalment of our Airing Pain miniseries on military veterans living with pain we focus on the relationship between pain and psychological wellbeing. Anxiety, fear and anger… Read More »

Rikers Island opens housing unit exclusively for military veterans

The New York City Department of Correction officially unveiled its first housing unit exclusively for military veterans on Rikers Island on Thursday. The 50-bed unit opened in February and is currently occupied by 17 inmates awaiting trial. Formerly a general housing unit, this veterans’ dorm will include programs and services specifically geared toward meeting veterans’… Read More »

Cannabis for PTSD 420

420 Cannabis Veteran Realtalk! A Golden Shellback speaks about the truth of PTSD and the benefits of Cannabis for our Veterans. He expresses his path from a military serviceman to a civilian life and the difficulties that come along the transition and how cannabis has helped him cope both mentally and physically. #Realktalk! Golden Shellback… Read More »