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Sleep Disturbances – Symptom Management Mini Series Part 2 – PTSD Battle Plan

PTSD Battle Plan Mini Series on Symptom Management – Part 2. In this video, we discuss Sleep Disturbances, and some different tools to help you manage your sleep. #TurnTheLightOn #MicroGoals References: Essentials of Psychiatric Diagnosis – Allen Frances Revised Edition p. 149 U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs National Center for PTSD – www.PTSD.va.gov Treatment Plans… Read More »

kerry Tastinger

Love and PTSD causes unusual strain on a relationship. Kerry unravels the unique love and mental strain on both the spouse and the solider. Her story is one of love and pain, but with hope. Kerry donates her proceeds to a non profit to help vetrans deal with PTSD. Source: Youtube

Veteran burns his uniform.

These is one of many different come for the Men&Women in Arms. They come back home to the country they protect. PTSD. Posttraumatic Stress Disorders. A every common Disorders with military combat. The ones lucky enough not to get are the lucky one and they ones who get treat for are luck that it didn’t… Read More »

Resiliency – Resiliency Mini Series Part 1 – PTSD Battle Plan

PTSD Battle Plan Mini Series on Resiliency – Part 1. In this video, we discuss Resiliency, give a brief overview of what resiliency is, and a few tips on how to become more resilient. #TurnTheLightOn #MicroGoals #GetBetter Reference: https://en.oxforddictionar ies.com/definition/resilience https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-empowerment-diary/201507/how-become-more-resilient Source: Youtube

Before and After PTSD: Making New Choices

I share my unhealthy behavioral patterns and symptoms I experienced living with PTSD. Following my M.A.P. session these patterns and symptoms seamlessly started to dissolve. If you are active duty military suffering with PTSD I invite you to connect with me and view my offerings at www.spaceforthesoul.org – I am creating a safe space for… Read More »

Veterans go bush to beat PTSD

Veterans go bush to beat PTSD ================================ ================================ Email Bush retreat helps veterans combat PTSD, offering peace, purpose and a place to talk ABC Wide Bay By Tru Leigo and Brad Marsellos A Vietnam veteran has created a free bush retreat to help vetera… Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-18/camp-gregory-bush-camp-helps-veterans-with-ptsd/9335350 ================ Source: Youtube

Avoidance – Symptom Management Mini Series Part 1 – PTSD Battle Plan

PTSD Battle Plan Mini Series on Symptom Management – Part 1. In this video, we discuss Avoidance, and some different ways to overcome some of these feelings. Reference: * Treatment Plans and Interventions for Depression and Anxiety Disorders Second Edition Robert L. Leahy, Stephen J.F. Holland, and Lata K. McGinn **p.299 Source: Youtube

Healing PTSD: Breaking the Fallacy of Endless suffering

YOU HAVE THE POWER TO HEAL YOUR PTSD. The belief you must live with PTSD forever is an absolute fallacy. The M.A.P. technique is easy, gently, and highly efficient. One M.A.P. conducted in my own home over Skype ended my PTSD. Your suffering can end today! —– If you are an active duty military member… Read More »

Before and After PTSD: Truth is Power

“Your willingness to Remain with Truth, is your willingness to Remain with Power” ~Jeff. I share an experience with how our military system compartementalizes Soldier’s treatment and how I did this on the individual level. The Mind Alignment Process (M.A.P.) changed this way of life for me and helped me live in my truth. ——–… Read More »