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A Mother’s Mission: Helping Vets Deal with PTSD & Addiction

Friday, Feb 23rd, 2018 Stephanie Keegan lost her son, Daniel, to an opioid addiction when he was only 28 years old. Daniel was a decorated veteran suffering from PTSD. Stephanie talks about her mission to help others deal with the same problems. Source: Youtube

CBD #4 Say No To Opioids with MyoNatural CBD Spray

CBD can help maintain a proper neurological balance and have a calming effect (without a high) on those suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain. More and more cancer patients are using CBD oil, partially to help fight pain and nausea, but mostly because of the antiproliferative agents and pro-apoptotic properties of the… Read More »

Conference- PTSD/ Suicide/Substance Abuse

October 14, 2017- Military & Civilian. So far at least 14 Suicides Averted and People are Coming Drugs including Opioids! People are having VICTORY over SIMULTANEOUS TRAUMAS! Totally DIFFERENT, NON Conventional, Very Interesting. I ask EVERYONE to respect EVERYONE’S Privacy PLEASE. Presenter: Sheri Richardson- Author, Speaker & Teacher Treatment Curriculum–Book DNA of Miracles and Wealth… Read More »

Anonymous Marine Combat Veteran Shares His Story Of Opiate Addiction And PTSD

Iraq combat war veteran shares his battle with post traumatic stress disorder and his addiction to opiates. After serving in the marines for 10 years, he moved on to the corporate world and succeeded but was not happy with the masking of his mental pan of losing friends in combat. Please share some support for… Read More »

PTSD, Opioid Abuse & Cannabis Treatment, Pt.2 – Dr. Mike Hart

Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/jeremykossen/ptsd-opioid-abuse-cannabis-treatment-pt- Our veterans in North America and among our allies have experienced issues with PTSD and chronic pain that in many cases leads to abuse of prescription narcotics or anti-anxiety medications. In Part 2 of this series, I speak with Dr. Mike Hart, a physician who works with veterans and other populations to help… Read More »