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3 Treatments for PTSD

This video explains treatments for relieving PTSD symptoms: Re-exposure, Conditioning, and Forgetting. The content may be useful for persons suffering with PTSD or useful for students or others. There are other possible treatments for PTSD which are not discussed in this video. Breathing exercises or meditation should supplement any treatment. Source: Youtube

Fredo Santana turned to drugs to escape his PTSD from growing up in violent neighbourhood claims fr

The late Fredo Santana used drugs before his tragic death because he was trying to escape his violent past, his close friend has claimed.Rapper Vic Mensa, who knew Fredo well, paid tribute to him the day after he died following what’s reported to be a massive seizure on Friday night.Fredo, real name Derrick Coleman, was… Read More »

Skip Rizzo – Advances in the Prevention Assessment and Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress

Eric Roth introduces Featured Speaker, Albert “Skip” Rizzo, Ph.D. – Director, Medical Virtual Reality – Institute for Creative Technologies for his presentation VR . Virtual reality goes to war – Advances in the Prevention Assessment and Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Speaker Bio: Albert “Skip” Rizzo is a Clinical and . Albert “Skip” Rizzo from the… Read More »

2011 3 5 WWZY PTSD Experience Slideshow , Second Life

Zarrakan Productions is an umbrella group for the YouTube shows Professional Wrestling Australia, P W A, Wandering With Zarrakan Yue, W W Z Y, Zarrakan’s Opinion Corner, Z O C, Can I Shoot This, C I S T, Zarrakan Sessions, and many others along with Second Life businesses RPG Quest (with associated products), and the… Read More »

shellshocked [ptsd] .will & hannibal

—- all for one when we fight together —- — — – knock, knock enjoy it —- source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shell_shock song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eASIpbTcnzM hannibal (tv), hannigram, tribute made by MkENNyM —- hannibal, tribute, hannigram, shellshocked, tribute, shell shock, important, dark themes, past, future, present, wwi, fight together Source: Youtube

Gersh Kuntzman’s PTSD Inducing Experience

I do not own this video. Haven’t been able to find it on YouTube so I’m sure a lot of other people also haven’t. If you own this video and would like it removed you can email me or comment with proof of ownership and I will gladly take the video down. Please leave feedback… Read More »

2) RISING ABOVE Depression Anxiety Stress PTSD Fear & Misery

Please turn on CC (Subtitles) for clarity. Having experienced repeated trauma and loss as a boy, I find RELIEF. I share my experience to illustrate the process of my liberation from the memory of trauma, which seemed to have a life of its own. I cover two levels of reality, with the 3rd and best… Read More »