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This is Why PTSD is Way More Widespread Than You Thought (Episode 2 of 6)

To receive this full series before it’s released on YouTube & an EXCLUSIVE PTSD video that’s only available on MedCircle, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/2RE6yUd The truth about PTSD is that it’s way more widespread than you thought. While post-traumatic stress disorder is commonly associated with male combat veterans, it extends far beyond the military. In this… Read More »

“It’s going AFTER my MULES!!”, Dogman Sasquatch Encounters Episode:21 Crypto PTSD

Bigfoot Encounter!Tonight AL shares an encounter where he thought a sasquatch was going to KILL his MULES!! You DON’T want to MISS tonight’s SHOW!!!! Sasquatch Encounter Source: Youtube

Crypto PTSD on the BDRP

Dustin for the YouTube channel CryptoPTSD and BDRP Field Team Member Barry Brown join Dee to discuss the adverse affects of Cryptid Encounters. CryptoPTSD: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Kz8OGs3ljSd8IKhwRo_Gg If you have an encounter or research you’d like to share please email us at: BigfootDogmanResearch@gmail.com BDRPEurope@gmail.com If you’d like to contribute to our field research or channel overall: paypal.me/BDRP… Read More »

Ep28 – Flight 1549 & Post Traumatic Growth

Dave Sanderson is an inspirational survivor, speaker, author and the last passenger off US Airways Flight 1549, or “The Miracle on the Hudson.” In this episode hosts George Veater and Jenn “JZ” Zerling discuss Flight 1459 and how Dave turned this experience into growth. Click link in bio to listen. 🎧 Share your positive strides… Read More »

Mindful Meditation, PTSD, Stress & more with Dr. Gus Castellanos

Mindful Mediation is a growing area of wellness management making its way into the work place hospitals and as a viable approach to PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder ) recovery. Have a listen as we discuss these growing trends and situational accounts that will hit home and furthermore, more homes than you may be aware… Read More »


Do you suffer from PTSD due to child abuse, the horrors of war or some other traumatic event? In this riveting interview former MK Ultra Mind Control victim and government whistleblower CATHY O’BRIEN explains how those suffering from triggered trauma and anxiety can reclaim control over their own mind – and life – just as… Read More »

MDMA & Psychedelics For Treating Depression & PTSD- M.A.P.S- ( MARK HADEN & ARCANE BEAR )

We are excited to bring you the executive director of MAPS- As we dive into the world of psychedelics and their uses in the world of medicine. Along almost forgotten art and science behind the soul, we have seen incredible results with these once demonized drugs now turned valuable medicines in the world of science.… Read More »

Lack of Traumatic Stress Disorder

Tyler Grey explains to Ross Patterson and Bert Kuntz what he believes has been affecting him as a veteran of combat and it is far from what the doctors think. An excellent conversation about the unique situation many vets may be finding themselves in and doctors can’t yet classify. Audio Shows available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/drinkin-bros/id1061361026?mt=2… Read More »

Rick Doblin on MDMA Therapy for PTSD | London Real

IRONMIND MOVIE TICKETS: https://londonreal.tv/premiere Bulletproof Coffee http://bit.ly/BulletProofCoffee XBrain UK & Europe http://bit.ly/XBRAIN Squarespace Web Site Design http://bit.ly/Squarespace SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToLondonReal FULL EPISODE: http://youtu.be/KBT4m4aFlJc Rick Doblin the Founder of MAPS explains how the MDMA therapy trials are performed and why it is such a good therapy for PTSD and depression and is not at all trading an… Read More »