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Richard Grannon “Hope Dealer”

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17 Trauma and PTSD 1

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Madness: It’s Complicated 16/22 – Life at the RRC, Memories of Being Trapped and PTSO

From John Herold’s “Madness: It’s Complicated Version 2.0” presentation at the FS Dubois Center in Stamford Connecticut January 12, 2018. Chapter 16: Life at the RRC, Memories of Being Trapped and Post Traumatic Stress in Order Note: This video is for informational and support purposes only. Any information or commentary provided is intended to educate… Read More »

How to Achieve Post Traumatic Growth

Firefighter Drew Aversa and Army Combat Veteran Ryan Matthews discuss post traumatic stress and how Drew turned his trauma into post traumatic growth. Learn about Drew www.DrewAversa.com Learn about Ryan www.WorldofDogTraining.com Connect on LinkedIn with these incredible men who are speaking across the United States on Post Traumatic Growth, helping people transform their lives. Source:… Read More »

PTSD: What Keeps People Stuck

This is a basic, metaphorical description of the challenges faced by survivors with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and the experience of feeling stuck over time. The impact of trauma related triggers plays a role in maintaining the cycle of PTSD symptoms. This video is the first of a series of whiteboard lectures conceptualized, written,… Read More »

PTSD Triggers: The Obvious & Not So Obvious Reminders

Triggers related to a traumatic experience are unique to each person and unique to each traumatic event. Triggers are also multi-sensory and vary from obvious triggers to subtle/quiet triggers. By figuring out triggers, survivors can begin to shift from being reactive to proactively increasing their self-care – eventually minimizing the impact that trauma triggers have… Read More »

My Childhood Sexual Abuse Story and Journey to Recovery

In this video I introduce myself and tell my childhood sexual abuse story. I kept the secret for over 20 years. After years of suffering from nausea and stomach aches, and feeling stuck in my life – I finally went to see a therapist. On my second visit to the therapist, I told my story… Read More »

Day 74 Antidepressant weekly check in – Life with PTSD

Thanks for watching! It’s been 74 days on an antidepressant for my depression that is a symptom of PTSD from domestic violence. I’ve switched from daily videos to weekly check-ins. I’m trying to manage my time better and that starts with cutting out what isn’t necessary. I’m glad I was able to get my medication… Read More »

Boulderstone Technique PTSD

The Boulderstone technique is an established and extremely efficient way to gentle aid PTSD recovery and helps PTSD to lose its grip on a client. Video clips are from www.pixabay.com MUSIC – Paper Planes – Durden ft. Airtone by DURDEN (c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/DURDEN/55041 Ft: Airtone Video… Read More »

Journal Entry January 18,2018

I had this experience the other day and it seemed like the perfect story to kick off the PTS-DDT series. (Post Traumatic Stress Dealt with Dance Therapy) So I woke up bright (err…kinda) and early and started my day with a 4:30 am hoop sesh (I fiddled with the colors, brightness and all that so… Read More »