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Seeking Safety for Adolescent PTSD & Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Topic : When it comes to trauma and substance abuse, people tend to use drugs and alcohol to self medicate. Many people deal with their trauma in different ways and abusing mind-altering substances is used as a coping mechanism to deal with the anxiety associated with PTSD or trauma. The symptoms of posttraumatic… Read More »

The Link Between Trauma & Substance Abuse

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction stemming from trauma, please call the treatment specialists at Northeast Addictions Treatment Centers at (855) 982-3005 to learn more about effective treatments for trauma and PTSD. https://neaddictions.com Source: Youtube

3.4 Understanding Mental Health – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD

This project was a joint collaboration between the City of Ottawa and Gamifi Inc. These videos were created by Gamifi Inc. courtesy of the City of Ottawa’s Innovation Pilot Program. As part of the City of Ottawa’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace roadmap, this series of videos is designed to help employees, their families, friends, and the… Read More »