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FEARLESS – PTSD, Mental Health Awareness, and Suicide Prevention

Music/Song/Artist credit: Kehlani – “Gangsta” (From Suicide Squad: The Album) OZZY OSBOURNE – “Mama, I’m Coming Home” Bullet For My Valentine – You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War) Roxette – She’s Got The Look Gypsy – (Fleetwood Mac) Who let the dogs out – Baha Men Nivana – Smells Like Teen Spirit Def Leppard… Read More »

Get Up Nation Podcast Episode 15 Guest: Dena Coukoulis, Viral Video Filmmaker

Guest: Dena Coukoulis, Viral Video Filmmaker What up, Get Up Nation? My name is Ben Biddick, the Host of The Get Up Nation Podcast and Co-Author of Get Up: The Art of Perseverance with Adam Greenberg, former Major League Baseball Player and CEO of www.lurongliving.com! Episode 15 features Dena Coukoulis. As Dena strived to help… Read More »

22 a Day Civil Rights Violation and Movement for PTSD Awareness

I was fired from my job when I requested reasonable accommodation to work from home on a virtual computer because my PTSD was activating. Instead I was fired, my wife left and my previous wife filed paperwork so i can’t see my other son overnight anymore. In and out of mental health institutes for the… Read More »

Advanced Neuropsychology Treatments Nu-Rekall

Publicly released advanced neuropsychology treatments addressing depression, anxiety, phobias, bipolar, P.T.S.D., coping mechanisms and suicidal ideation. New methodology, new approach, Nu-Rekall.com. #suicide #depression #anxiety #mentalhealth #love #suicideprevention #bullying #trump #military #veterans #isis #stufftrumpisafaidof #news #hadith #5sosfam #np Source: Youtube