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SQUAD GIVES ME PTSD, INTESNSE soldier vs tanks vs enemy squad….

SQUAD GIVES ME PTSD, INTENSE soldier vs tanks vs enemy squad… I can only play this game for a short while. I have my headphones turned all the way up. You can’t even hear me yelling for help. The sounds in Squad are extremely loud and very intense. Just walking up on a hill, with… Read More »

South china sea: The 5 greatest threats to national security in 2019

The 5 greatest threats to national security in 2019 SUBSCRIBE my channel here: https://goo.gl/F8gn4Z G+ here: https://goo.gl/UzMJVe —————————————————————————————————- Like most politicians, “Vice” overpromises and underdelivers in a filibusteringly long film. The man replacing former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis sought Tuesday to reassure the country that it was still safe and secure under his leadership in… Read More »

MARVEL NETFLIX Punisher posttraumatic stress disorder

Punisher posttraumatic stress disorder The Ochelli Effect 12-18-2017 Regular Joe , Dylan Wade , Daniel Louis Crumpton When we sit down with regular listener Joe , Young alternative thinker Dylan Wade and Down Loaded Content Creator Daniel Louis Crumpton to discuss the BEST series in the Netflix Marvel Universe , one might have a hard… Read More »

Mike Shinoda – In The End [2018 “Post Traumatic Tour” Piano Version]

This is my new Version from “In The End” [2018 “Post Traumatic Tour” Piano Version] and this is from my “Place To Start [Post Traumatic Tour Edition]”. __________________________________________________________________ It’s been a good year since Linkin Park released their last album “One More Light”. Almost a year ago, Chester Bennington (1976 – 2017) died. The remaining… Read More »